Photo Editing Fun!

My son had to reproduce a famous artwork and lay it out side by side for his art class. This was a fun project we worked on together. Originally we wanted to redo the famous dogs playing cards painting but decided it was too much of a challenge for us with our basic skills and one dog. Haha! While studying famous self portraits we came across this Van Gogh and decided it was perfect! We borrowed the clothing from my husband and used face paint to pencil in the beard. We also found a great app called Prisma that lets you turn any picture into a painting and used that to create the effect. So cool!

This morning I woke up early and for some reason thought of the sheets of frozen short crust pastry in my freezer. Remembering a recipe I saw recently for homemade pop tarts, I was in the kitchen defrosting the pastry before the sun had risen. It called for jarred apple pie, preferring homemade, I quickly diced apples and cooked them up to fill the pastry squares. Personal, warm homemade apple pies for breakfast – the house smelled wonderful!

7 thoughts on “Photo Editing Fun!

  1. Those look amazing! I’ll send you C’s that she did during lockdown. She chose what I think is called, “Lady with an Ermine.”

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