We almost didn’t “do” Thanksgiving this year. Between a hectic schedule and no holiday time, the summer heat and the lack of friends/family around I thought no one will even notice if we skip it. Perhaps, I thought, we could do it next July when it feels like the right temperature. Then I came to…

Cornish or Devon Cream Tea

While I’m in Penzance I feel the need to mention the debate between Cornwall and Devon over the preparation of a proper cream tea. I wonder if my friends back home even know about putting a scone together? I can’t really remember how long I have known about it because it comes up so often.…

Best Coffee in London is in Reading

Today I had the best coffee I’ve tasted so far since moving to the UK. The surprise was finding it at an ice cream shop at the Reading train station. It was even better than the highbrow and still very good Monmouth Coffee in Soho.

Cheers to London, Fresh Bread and Toned Abs

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook, especially healthy, tasty food. I am grateful to be living in London because this city has such a diverse background of people and culture and we are so lucky to be exposed to the many different flavors it has to offer. I have been experimenting…

Posh Tea at The Berkeley

Kate and I just enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at The Carmel Room at The Berkeley (pronounced “Barkley”, as in Sir Charles) Hotel. Thanks, Diane, for this wonderful treat! Note: it’s not only socially acceptable but downright commonplace for straight men to describe things as “lovely” here.