Brain Injury

I think I must be having a stroke. Maybe it’s the lack of socialising or mental stimulation but something is clearly wrong. For the last week or so I’ve had nothing but 80’s tv show theme songs rattling around in my head. It all started with The Greatest American Hero. I loved that show when…

Musical Storytelling

This morning I came downstairs to find my kids listening to an 18-minute song for the thousandth time. They absolutely adore Alice’s Restaurant. We’ve listened to the original 1967 release of the Arlo Guthrie classic as a family since my three were little. At first, it was the fun guitar and catchy chorus that drew…


I’ve spent some time this afternoon updating my running mix. It has been a fun stroll down memory lane.

Westfield London

Why is it that when I walk around the very modern, stylish Westfield Centre London do I have to be subjected to music that makes me want to stick hot pokers in my eyes? Todays cranking music included Endless Love and Three Times a Lady. Bad the first time around, skin crawling decades later.