Lunar Eclipse

Did you see it? It was probably the best one I have ever witnessed myself. The clear autumn sky made the viewing here in Melbs spectacular. My family and I watched from our driveway as we tried to photograph the moon in its transition.

I didn’t realise what an ordeal it would be for my husband to put this little video together when I asked him to me a favour. Apparently, he had to sit and edit all the photos to centre them all in a time lapse. Three hours later….

5 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. We couldn’t see it. We have been cloudy, overcast and raining in the evenings. We are only 50° this morning.

    • We have been having crisp autumn weather here so the viewing was excellent. It was 2c (about 35f) this morning, brrr!

  2. I didn’t get to see it. It was one of those rare times I got cloud cover where I am. Eclipses are AMAZING!

    • It truly was amazing. I know what you mean – anytime I ever have had an opportunity to see something like this before, the skies are cloudy. It was ideal weather this time.

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