Lockdown Culture Trip – Week 3


Lebanon – a more diverse and progressive Middle Eastern country with snowy mountains, delicious food and the first ever law school. Feasting tonight on fatoush which comes from the word “fatta” meaning crushed bread or crumbs. In the absence of pita bread we opted to fry up the end of a sourdough. Bon appetit!


How much we love the beautiful country of Spain. We have been many times over the years and have loved camping with wild horses and donkeys in the hills of Bilbao; Malaga, San Sebastian and Barcelona beaches; the gorgeous Moorish architecture; the history of Granada, Córdoba and Ronda; the beautiful food and perfect climate. We loved making Spanish tortilla tonight with a creamy avocado gazpacho.


We’ve been feasting American style the last two days which means lots of “comfort food.” Mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies, vegan sausages and tater tots, and a Dutch baby for breakfast. The kids tried to stump us with USA trivia and they realised how little they actually know about their country of birth. It was a good learning opportunity.BCEA8DB1-8B76-4FBD-BC30-8CB8567CEEBA


Tonight we enjoyed Burani Bonjon – one of our all time favourites! Aubergines cooked in tomatoes, onions and turmeric and served with a minted garlic and lemon yoghurt. So, so good!


”Land of the Free” I think we make Thai food at least once per week in our house and have for many years – we love it! We haven’t visited Thailand yet, but we will – when we are allowed to travel again. Tonight we made a tofu and potato yellow curry.


For lunch today we made a traditional peanut stew. It reminded me of a Mexican spiced cream of tomato soup. Perfect for cooler weather.

Sri Lanka

Today we celebrate this garden island and all of its glory. We fondly remember our visit in 2017 encountering monkeys and elephants, visiting temples and tea plantations, and enjoying the amazing food and spices. For lunch today, we enjoyed pol sambol (coconut relish) with wattakka kalu pol (pumpkin and coconut milk curry) and kiribath (coconut milk rice) – all dishes we enjoyed during our Sri Lankan holiday.


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