Lockdown Culture Trip – Week 7


We visited in 2015 with our dear friends. A little city, sea and a bit of the mountains, it was wonderful! Tonight we made a turnip and prune tagine to celebrate this special place. It sounds strange, but was delicious! A beautiful broth laden with spices (cinnamon, ginger, cumin and saffron) and honey.

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These “arepas” were surprisingly tasty served with raspberry jam. A simple corn flour pancake traditionally eaten anytime of the day with jam, eggs or as a bread for a sandwich. I may or may not have had the correct corn flour to prepare these but they came out tasty anyway.


We have been fortunate to have had many trips to Germany over the years – mostly without the kids. We managed to take them for a Xmas market the year before leaving Europe. Tonight we made Lebkuchen (gingerbread cookies) and omg, does the house smell amazing! I love the spicy flavour of these cookies with the richness of the dark molasses.

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Our last holiday while living in London was Turkey. We hiked, went boating and swimming, enjoyed the most amazing view from our rental home, toured Istanbul and said goodbye to our favourite people. It was bittersweet. Tonight we made Turkish “pide” (pizza). It can be served like pizza, a flatbread, sweet, with cheese, with veggies, etc. It is very versatile.

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Our last visit was in 2013 as a cheeky adult weekend away. Today we celebrated this fab, cycle-happy country by a make-your-own Smørrebrød lunch. The kids loved it! So easy to eat healthy meals when you are provided with a spread of colour and allowed to choose for yourself.


Tonight we made an old favourite “Sila bi Lubia” (Swiss chard with black eyed beans in a tahini broth), so good! Warm, homemade olive bread to soak up all that yummy broth too. We were surprised to learn that Christmas is celebrated three times per year in Palestine, cool!


Today we made a mango banana bread from this Caribbean island nation. Happy to have skipped out on their national dish, “mountain chicken” or Giant Ditch Frog.


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