Lockdown Culture Trip – Week 2


I’ve always wanted to visit Greenland but after researching recipes to celebrate it it became clear we wouldn’t be able to eat a lot there. Whale, seal, reindeer – not a lot of plants! We were able to enjoy Greenland via coffee and cake in traditional kaffemik style with a “kalaallit kaagiat” or sweet bread. Kaffemik is a gathering of friends and family to celebrate something special – we chose the time we have together thanks to COVID-19.


For Vietnam, we made a noodle salad with perfectly “balanced” flavours. We love the array of fresh and vibrant veggies mixed with such wonderful flavours.


Porn, coffee and sport are popular Finnish pastimes, who knew?! Tonight we celebrated Finland with a garlic soup.



Mexican food is probably everyone’s favourite and something we make at least once per week. We love it! An easy fiesta for us tonight as we put together our favourite black bean tacos. The kids have yet to visit Mexico but we were there many, many years ago.


To celebrate Ireland we made a hearty potato leek soup and American-style Irish soda bread. Miss C found some shamrocks in our garden to help us decorate our table.

Blasts from the past as we reminisce about visiting Ireland. We traveled as a family to Belfast for my birthday in 2014; a very pregnant me in Dublin 2006, pre-children.

North Korea

We learnt a lot studying NK and are feeling especially grateful to live in a free country. Grateful to be allowed to wear jeans, listen to music of our own choosing and the ability to decide to live in a city without having to prove our loyalty to the regime. On a culinary note, we loved our “kimchi mari” rice dish for lunch. It is inexpensive, quick to prepare and given a thumb’s up by all of our diners.


We visited Norway in 2016 on a mission to provide our city kids with a winter wonderland experience. We flew into Tromso and drove two hours inland to a cabin in the arctic where we played in the snow, made snow angels, built igloos, went sledding and dog sledding and gazed upon northern lights. It was a dream come true.

Week 2 is a wrap. Stay healthy friends.




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