Cycling Makes Me Happy

IMG_4338.PNGSome days I wake up feeling lazy and think “I’m going to take the car to work today.” I then come to my senses and get on my bike for the short (5k) cycle. In a moment, usually once I feel the wind in my hair, any doubt about my decision has vanished. It’s so freeing and relaxing. If only I could just keep going, ride past work and head out on some adventure. I start my day full of endorphins, smiling from ear to ear. The icing on the cake is cycling home at the end of the day, a bit drained from using my brain for too long. The sweetest feeling in the world is climbing on in the afternoon sun and letting go of all things past. I am fully present and the colour returns to my skin. It’s like I’ve been holding my breath all day long. Ah.

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