I’ve done it. I can now say that I officially have several
authentically British friends. I don’t know why it took me so long.
Perhaps it’s because my kids are at a French school so I naturally
mingle with French, Canadian and Americans. Maybe it’s just been
easier to connect with the plethora of Americans around me…I’d like
to poo poo that thought though. I fully want to experience living
abroad and definitely have felt bothered by the amount of expats that
surround me. I think really I just needed to spend more time at my
local fabulous playground. I have a new entourage and am feeling very
much a part of the community. I’m greeted with “hello Kate love, how
are you my darling?” every time I see these ladies. They are warm,
kind mums that accept me as their equal and watch over my kids as if
they were their own. Our kids play together like they have known each
other for a lifetime. I find myself more relaxed and happy in my new
environment. I like this feeling of community, it seems very natural
and as it should be.

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