Summer Holidays and the Olympics

What a hard summer it’s been for me. All of my friends away enjoying their summer holidays, Stephen working what feels like 24/7 and its just me and three kids…three kids 5 and under. Demanding, relentless, needy children. As all children are, mine are no different. I am feeling spent. I enjoy running at Hyde Park. It is my place of refuge, peace and meditation. My place of solace now filled with a swath of tourists, people in matching t-shirts, golf carts and Olympic mega tents. It has been bothering me that I cannot feel my normal escape in MY beautiful place. Today, however, I feel different. I am surrounded by fit bodies and that is a land I love to be in. It energizes me to be around like minded, healthy people. My run is long and I feel incredibly strong and unstoppable. I feel so alive when I run. I’m not sure why, perhaps the feeling of my body working hard, the music, the endorphins? I can’t imagine many things actually coming close to this amazing feeling that I get. Maybe new love or drugs? I crave to have this feeling especially as I am a caregiver most of the time. I am an assistant to others and their feelings and rarely having time for my own. Hyde Park is so gorgeous and so large you can easily lose yourself in it. I am constantly surprised by her and she makes me smile. Today, I left in the sun and returned after running through down pouring rain. It was invigorating and electric. I passed the Serpentine prepping for a triathlon. I pass this when I run usually but hadn’t noticed the goings on in the lake before today. The bustle of the Olympic crews keeping it just so. I’ve been in a bubble with my runs lately annoyed by all the goings on in MY space. Today I embraced all of it, it was very exciting. How can I look down on all these visitors coming to this amazing city to have a small taste of what I get to enjoy every day. To feel the peace of this place and the excitement of the exceptional athletes gathered here. I’m grateful that they get to see briefly that which I am so fortunate to call home.

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