Local Expressions that I Enjoy

We do share the same language but sometimes it can sound very different. Just as I feel comfortable as a local I am reminded that I am a foreigner. Two of my favorite expressions that I’ve learned since arriving in London are “moreish” and “it’s gone pear shaped”. Admittedly, I’ve only personally used “moreish” and it has always been followed by a “did I really just use it in a sentence” giggle.

moreish, morish [ˈmɔːrɪʃ]
Informal (of food) causing a desire for more these cakes are very moreish

“It’s all gone pear-shaped” is a catch-all expression of dismay, that encompasses everything from “this situation has not turned out quite the way I planned,” to “everything is ruined,” and all points in between.

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