Sprout Farming

After listening to Doug Evans speak recently on the Rich Roll Podcast, I bought his new book: The Sprout Book.

My initial set up

We are sprouting many things on our kitchen counter at one time. The kids equally love to watch them grow and harvest them. I absolutely adore watching everyone dive into the bowl of fresh sprouts to gobble them up. For this reason, I have them constantly growing so that we never run out.

Why bother sprouting? For a couple of dollars each week we are currently producing 5-10 cups of fresh food. Sprouts are easily digestible and are bursting with nutrients – way more than the same seed not sprouted. For instance, lentil sprouts have 400 times more vitamin c than traditional lentils! Broccoli sprouts are the king of the sprouts as far as nutrition goes so we keep them in our weekly rotation. There is a ton of research about its effectiveness in treating and preventing cancer and in treating autism.

So far it seems each of us has our own favourite – they are: alfalfa, lentil, daikon radish, broccoli and mung bean. If you like spicy food then radish sprouts are where it’s at – so fresh and definitely flavourful!

At the moment, we have a simple system with mason jars, mesh lids, organic seeds and water – that’s it! I’ve just ordered a tray to step up my game to try growing micro greens. We are in love with our new home garden. ❤️

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