Cheers to London, Fresh Bread and Toned Abs

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to cook, especially healthy, tasty food. I am grateful to be living in London because this city has such a diverse background of people and culture and we are so lucky to be exposed to the many different flavors it has to offer. I have been experimenting with making bread lately. I started with a Turkish Pide (similar to pizza bread, it’s soft and chewy) and today I am making Eliopitta, an olive and rosemary bread. There are fewer things more satisfying than fresh, warm, homemade bread. It is heavenly and comforting. It is even more satisfying knowing that I’ve made it myself. It is no joke kneading dough for 10 minutes at a time. Ten minutes is not long but kneading dough for ten is. It is peaceful and meditative as I am focused only on what my hands are doing. Then there are fleeting moments where I am brought back to the room and realize what an amazing upper body and core work out it is that I am having.

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