Life Is Uneventful

We haven’t posted much as of late because currently life is pretty dull. Not complaining, happy to be a hermit and enjoy the continued peace.

Anti-mask protests seem to be the thing to do around the globe at the moment. I find it strange to protest staying healthy and safe but I’m not too bothered by what other people do. Our local news station was covering a protest happening in Melbourne and interviewed a senior police officer who claimed and I quote “They are all bat shit crazy!” It’s the little things I find amusing these days. I can’t imagine a policeman in the US being interviewed on national television and speaking in such a way. Americans haven’t embraced swearing the way the rest of the world has. I’m grateful today to live in a place where people are not so uptight with their vocabulary.

We’ve had some stormy and windy weather this weekend with winds up to 45km per hour. Not the category 4 happening in Lousiana but causing destruction nonetheless. As I tried to sleep last night and wondered if the electricity pole out the front might crash into the house and surprise us in our sleep, I checked the weather. Sure enough more damaging winds for the next 24 hours. What was unique about the weather app on my iPhone was the warning to the sheep graziers to bring their cattle to a safe place to ride out the storm. This was a new element I had not seen on the app before. It’s odd living in a city of 5 million people and seeing such a rural message.

We walk most days with the kids just to squeeze in our allowed one hour of outdoor fitness. An hour is not long enough and I think we are all pretty bored of the 5km radius we are allowed to move within. We’ve walked and jogged almost every bit of it.

I created an “escape room” of sorts for the kids in the back garden. They needed something to entertain them that didn’t include screens. The clues led them to collaborate in order to complete each challenge consisting on synchronised dancing on a trampoline, a game of croquet, archery, solving riddles and breaking codes. It was great fun for them and I received high marks for my creation. Bonus, they were not allowed back inside until it was solved. 🙂

Sourdough. I’ve been working on creating a mother. I failed and had a jar of mould. Hmm, will try again.

We discovered Buddha’s Hand. A citrus fruit from Asia that has no juice or pulp. It can be used to make a citrus alcoholic infusion, a citrus oil, shaved over salads, used for a lemony salt or sugar, simple syrup, etc. I’ve been shaving it into my water as it’s very refreshing. It tastes like lavender mixed with lemon. It’s very nice and super cool looking.

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