Linen Sheets

A few months back we purchased a reclaimed wood bedroom set which instigated a splurge for new bed linens. In the name of minimalism and with budget in mind we decided to just buy one set of sheets. They are cotton – soft, cool and a pretty grey and white print to complement our comforter.

I am militant with washing and changing everyone’s sheets weekly. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a week my whole adult life. Each of us finds it is deeply satisfying to crawl into a freshly made bed to settle in for the night. Often, I will hear calls of gratitude from the kids down the hall as they climb into bed realising the linens have been laundered.

With such order, we didn’t feel the need to purchase a second set at the time. Last week whilst doing the weekly clean I suggested maybe a second set for our room so that I didn’t have to rush to get one set washed during the day in order to have a bed made in time for sleeping that night. Wow, that sounds frivolous as I re-read the sentence. At any rate, we went back to the shop to have a look. We left with our first ever purchase of linen sheets. Linen, a fabric that makes me think of wrinkled shirts that coincide with an island holiday somewhere were not something I ever considered for my bed. Holy crap am I a convert.

The texture on your skin is 100 times better than any cotton, I don’t care what thread count money can buy. We will never go back! I started researching to learn more about linen because I am so in love with it. The more I read, the more I am convinced it is the better choice. It is breathable, cooling in summer and warming in winter. It is naturally anti-bacterial, it repels dirt, it has an anti-perspirant quality (wicks moisture away) and will last for a long time (decades). Better to spend on something that’s good quality rather than repeatedly buying cheaper, poorly made alternatives.

Now go, treat yourself to the same wonderful experience. After all, we do spend roughly 230,000 hours or 1/3 of our life asleep – shouldn’t it be pure bliss?


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