1st Chrissy in Sydney


a local addition to our tree

It’s Christmas Eve in Sydney and its humid and 27c at 10am. We are missing our friends, family and the cold weather. I think it’s probably the hardest Christmas (aka ‘Chrissy’ in local slang) I’ve ever had. Aside from a Christmas Eve dinner with friends it’s been normal for us to spend most Christmas’s with just our family of five. Something this year feels different though. Could it be the weather? I can’t say why exactly. Perhaps it is because we are so far away from everyone and everything that we expect at this time of year, but I feel very off kilter. For purposes of journaling and positivity here is what I’m grateful for today:

  • Skyping with friends which makes the day feel more comfortable, complete and joyful.
  • No schedule and no family obligations. There’s no need to dress up or to be social.
  • Curry for dinner – a family favourite and unusual on most holiday tables.
  • Going for a family walk in shorts and flip flops around the harbour instead of being covered up in sweaters and coats.
  • Change – although it feels difficult it allows growth.
  • The kids are happy – A great example of living in the moment, for when we are together all is right in their book. They are constantly teaching me how to live.
  • It’s begun to rain – so grateful for “weather”
  • Christmas music which I love…when I hear the songs that I adore it’s like everything is how it should be – never mind the weather.
  • That I am able to remind myself that life is about the adventure (good or uncomfortable). All stories worth telling are born from difficulty, transition and experience.
  • I’m grateful that I can picture my friends in their respective places and I remember you all fondly. It warms my heart.
  • I’m grateful for Facebook keeping us connected.
  • I’m grateful that I will spend the next week at the beach with my tribe – peaceful, playful and together.
  • I’m grateful for the new mums I’ve met helping me to settle in and meet others. Connecting my kids with classmates from their new school. If I’m being honest though, there is no Chantal, Alicia, Dani or Nerissa. I will keep on putting one foot in front of the other until I find an Aussie equivalent to introduce you all to when you visit.
  • I’m eternally grateful to Stephen walking this road with me, keeping me on my toes. God knows how miserable I would be if you didn’t transplant me every few years.
  • I’m grateful I will have this in writing to look back on in a year’s time to laugh at my unease.

Here’s some pictures from our Christmas Eve walk today.

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