Seven Sisters Hike – Seaford to Eastbourne

We took a Wednesday off of work and school to hike the Seven Sisters trail along the East Sussex coast. It was brilliant! Roughly 14 miles and very hilly, I have never seen our little doggie so wiped by the end of a walk.

Start of the hike in Seaford
Dramatic chalky cliffs – you can see the rolling hills which challenge you the entire walk.
The path is set in about 5 meters from the edge due to instability of the cliffs.
My walking peeps
Warming up in a cafe along the route, with our friends. The sun was out but the wind was mighty.
Arriving into Eastbourne

2 thoughts on “Seven Sisters Hike – Seaford to Eastbourne

    • Thank you. We really enjoyed it but it was more challenging than expected. Those hills! We all felt it for days afterward. haha!

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