B-Team News 6-12 March, 2023

It’s snowing and cold in London, but oh so pretty! It won’t last as the temperature is set to increase, just a little spring time dusting.

Our washing machine died last week. We have been without one now for 8 days! We’ve learnt that since shutting off our heat a month ago our electric and gas consumption only went down a fraction. Having not washed clothes in one week, we’ve cut our energy usage in half! It was the washer!!! Not the dryer, as I tested that the previous month by not using it and replacing it with a clothes airer. So our washing machine, like our “charming” 1890’s home, was ancient and should be scrapped. We are awaiting the new one that is on order and hopefully more energy efficient. Fingers crossed.

I met a new friend this week through and American’s group on Facebook. We met for coffee, lunch and a walk. It was the perfect friend date. I love meeting new people, especially ones that I have a lot in common with. More days like these please.

I had an MRI this week for my sacral and lumbar spine. Hopefully the pictures will shed some light on my lower back pain. I have had one MRI before and it was to examine my ankle. That time I went in feet first and up to chest height. This time they sent me into the machine head first and I was completely inside. ugh. I asked for music and the technician forgot until the last five minutes (of the hour long scan) to turn the music on for me. Luckily at the start, the assistant tech, Trevor, told me if I angled my neck up slightly I could glimpse the outside and some light. This little tidbit was immensely helpful in calming my nerves. There’s nothing like lying in a casket, while hearing “Space Invaders” sounds at high volume, to set your mind to anxiety mode. I survived, but am very grateful it is now over.

All week we’ve been watching the documentary series “Welcome to Wrexham“. I love that two people of status and means have come together to support this small community and football club in Wales. We are really enjoying the story and love the humour of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. I highly recommend it if you have a Disney+ account. As a result of the show, we learnt to make Picau Ar Y Main (Welsh Cakes)…basically cookies cooked on a griddle like pancakes. yum!

Another weekend means another stroll along the Capital Ring Trail. A gorgeous and sunny start to the day had us feeling motivated and we set out to walk three sections of the path. We started at Stoke Newington and ended in Woolwich. This completed sections 13, 14 and 15. Holy moly do my feet hurt, plus we took our little Jack dog who has now collapsed from fatigue. Hahaha! In the end we walked a half marathon, or 21 kilometres. I love that this path is on the outskirts of town and as a result, you see neighbourhoods and things you wouldn’t normally come across. We started in a Hasidic neighbourhood, walked the canals of Lea Valley, and had lunch in a very hip section of Hackney Wick. We continued around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to a far east section of the Docklands, by City Airport, ending in a very local East London neighbourhood.

My husband thought it would be a good idea to complete one more section of the ring trail this weekend. So today, Sunday, we completed section 10, South Kenton to Hendon Central. Holy moly, do my feet and hips hurt. Hahahaha, I sound like such an old person. I would advise you to check the weather before embarking on this portion of the path because, holy cow mud and marshland! I left my amazing and waterproof hiking boots at home today in favour of my very spongy sneakers, due to my swollen feet. We were so, so muddy and soaked through from the wet ground. Huge mistake. Fryent Park is enormous and wild and a descent amount of the 10km is through the parkland. I did, however, enjoy strolling through Welsh Harp Open Space along the Brent Reservoir. Very pretty.

Sunday night, finds me baking vanilla fairy cakes and matcha white chocolate bars for tomorrow’s school bake sale. My poor feet are screaming at me. And so another week begins…

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