B-Team News 6-12 Feb, 2023

Woke up to the most gorgeous sunrise this morning. It’s days like these that I appreciate our glass window/ceiling and roof top terrace. Most other days it’s just dripping condensation all over the living space, but today I am grateful for it.

A friend of mine in Paris is renovating her new flat, and sent me a video of the works. It was sent in French and for the most part, I felt like I understood everything she was describing to me. There were a couple of words that I wasn’t familiar with so I replayed the video with Google alongside to transcribe it. The result, I imagine, is incorrect. Let’s hope so anyway. haha!

I spent a half day in Kew Gardens with a friend, two dogs and a toddler, it was fun. I am reminded of how life was with such a little person, having to be very present and energetic. I miss the simplicity of it but, I definitely don’t have the same energy as I did when I was in my 30’s. The universe kindly provides us with tasks we are capable of, at just the right moment in time. Thank you, universe. Haha! Seriously though, Kew Gardens is lovely, as is strolling along the Thames Path in a place that feels more wooded and suburban. Plus, a catch up with a good friend is the best kind of day out.

We’ve just discovered we are paying around £500 per month for electricity and gas. It’s unbelievable really. That figure is after we receive a £60 subsidy from the government. As a result, I am not using lights unless we absolutely have to. I am down to one load of laundry per day and have quit using the dryer, we’ve reverted to drying racks. We’ve switched some light bulbs that were halogen to LED. We’ve also now switched the heat off. It’s woolly jumpers and slippers if you’re cold. What else can I do? Jeez Louise, how are people affording food this winter between high rental prices and being raped by the utility companies.

We receive an organic farm box delivery each week. The most recent one included a pile of really ugly skinned apples. I knew my kids would take one look and pass on these guys so it’s apple pie for Friday night dessert in our crib.

We hosted a family, that we’ve met through school, at our house this weekend for a lazy, all day lunch. We served Mexican food (enchiladas) and chatted the day away. Before we knew it, 7 hours had passed. How does that even happen? So grateful for new friendships. Tomorrow, we are hosting old family friends for dinner. I love a house full of people, life is good.

Our dog, Jack, is a goofball. He is so weird looking, it’s cute. Hahaha!

We took a walk on a portion of the 78 mile Capital Ring Trail, that is conveniently broken up into 15 easily walkable sections. In the area we walked (Crouch Hill to Mussel Hill), I loved the footpath making use of an old disused railroad line. It was very green and wooded, making it a glorious retreat from the bustling city just next door. Looking forward to completing more sections.

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