Domestic Travel – Australia

Traveling within the Australian borders is consistently the most pleasant air travel I have ever experienced. It looks like this:

  1. Check in online at home 24 hours before flight.
  2. Roll up to the airport approximately 1 hour before scheduled flight departure.
  3. If you are checking a bag, do it yourself through self bag check kiosks.
  4. If you are carrying on, make your way through security. This past week, while traveling to Adelaide, security took three of us maybe 5 minutes.
  5. Proceed to gate, maybe use the loo or get a snack.
  6. Board plane where your boarding card is scanned for the first and only time.

No identity checks, no dramas, you can bring a water bottle containing water with you – because liquids are allowed. I am going to miss this. Civility, respect, kindness from a community who looks out for one another and follows the rules. This is why we are afforded such travel ease.

3 thoughts on “Domestic Travel – Australia

  1. NICE!!! Wow water bottle with you – amazing how incredible that sounds! Glad you had a great trip xxoxoxo

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