ChiliSleep by OOLER

Ok, so I don’t normally write any sort of product reviews in this space. We use our blog as a family journal of sorts, inspired by traveling and living abroad. Since Covid, life has simplified and adventure decreased, which has given us all time to focus on things important to us. I feel that my time personally, has been a path to better health, having suffered way too many ailments than I care to think about.

The one thing that always makes me feel better is a good night’s sleep. Even better than a good night’s sleep – consistently getting sleep. Those glorious, deep and restful 8 hours elude me. I’ve been suffering insomnia of some sort since we lived in London – 6 years ago! Having tried everything: blue light blocking glasses, daily exercise, meditation, yoga, melatonin, 5-HTP, sleepy time tea, no meals after 7pm, no caffeine, a cooler room temperature, no screens at night, reading before bed, working with naturopaths and acupuncturists, and waking and sleeping at the same time each day. None of it seems to change anything for me.

I listened to a podcast discussing all things sleep related and the speakers mentioned how much they loved their Chili pad by OOLER. Just listening to them share how it kept their bed’s temperature cool, had me sold. I am usually pretty warm and wrestle with my covers at night, then struggle without the weight of them. My birthday was due in a month’s time so I requested this as my gift. A bit pricy but worth every cent. Probably the best purchase we have made in a long time (ever really – did I mention how awesome a good night’s sleep is?)

The Chili pad has a base unit that sits on the floor along side the bed. It is filled with water that pumps through tubes into the pad which is strapped to the mattress. It has an app that can be programmed to turn on the pad before bedtime so that when you retire, the bed is cooled to a better sleeping temperature. Through the night is keeps me cool while I still get the security and comfort of heavier blankets. The unit itself has a gentle white noise sound. At first, I thought it would disturb me, but I soon learnt that the noise is very soothing and blocks noise that usually would have me waking. I love it!

In the morning, the temperature slowly begins to rise, feeling like a fabulous warm spa bed. I programmed the Ooler with this feature to allow me to wake naturally. No annoying alarms that are jarring me awake. I feel the heating of the pad and I know it’s time to wake. It is gentle and natural. As a result, sticking to a regular schedule of sleeping and waking is effortless. I am so in love with my Chili pad! I really cannot say enough good things about it.

How’s my sleep? It is probably about 70% better. I wish it were 100% but sadly, it is not. The change is drastic though and I know it is as a result of my cooler temperature, white noise and natural waking with the warmer temperature in the morning. Nothing has had such a significant change for my sleep issues as this has.

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