Charting A Path To Citizenship

We applied for Australian citizenship in the last year. It’s a total waiting game with zero communication from Home Affairs between submitting your documents to awaiting notice to come in for your official interview. Depending on who you ask, people wait anywhere between 3 months and 2 years. The Home Affairs Immigration website displays how many new applications have been submitted each month and what the average wait times are to give applicants some indication of timeframe.

My husband created and published a cool graph using Tableau Public using the data from the immigration website.

This presents two views of the citizenship data from September 2020 onwards: one is volume of applications and an inferred number of applications completed; the other tracks average completion time from application to ceremony for 75% of applicants.

The dotted line is a trend line, which is positive in both charts (e.g. an increasing number of applications being processed per month and a decreasing average timeframe for completion)

4 thoughts on “Charting A Path To Citizenship

    • It was basically the same wait time although I believe application processing went up. I think ex-pats who have been here for a long while decided to just put in for citizenship as we’ve all been locked down and had the time to fill out the enormous amount of paperwork. If you look at the charts – there is a big spike around June this year – Home Affairs massively increased the application fee and applications surged before the rise in cost.

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