Lockdown #5 – Melbs

Today is day 1 of of our fifth lockdown here in Melbourne. We are just rolling with it, realising it really will be our new normal. We have done it before, we are clear in what we need to do now feeling very professional in lockdown mannerisms and we will continue to have these randomly until more people are vaccinated. The kids are remote learning which is easy breezy for them and we will shift gears into sleep-ins and pyjama filled days.

Last night we had tickets to a private screening of Black Widow which we were all so excited for. Even though the lockdown was set to begin at midnight it felt irresponsible to still attend the viewing. Giving people an arbitrary time to have to stay home is silly, the pandemic won’t wait. We positively swallowed the $100 loss of tickets as a donation to the cinemas who have struggled greatly over the last year. Instead of going out, we ordered gelato in from our favourite ice cream shop, a pizza too, cooked up some popcorn, and ran to the market for sweeties and bubbly drinks. It was a sugar fest to be sure but one that eased the sadness of my people who were gutted to have to stay home. We use a projector for movies in our bedroom because we have a fabulously large white wall that transforms into a cinema sized screen. We pimped out the bedroom with pillows, chairs and end tables to make everyone comfortable. It was all really fun and in the end no one really missed going out. How great to still have a large screen, comfy seats, snacks and no virus right here at home? More days like these please.

3 thoughts on “Lockdown #5 – Melbs

  1. I’m sorry you have to do this again 😢. Seems like you’re taking it in your stride though. I heard from a friend in Australia that the vaccination rate is about 9%. I wonder now where and when will the next screwup be and the citizens have to suffer for it

    • Yes, vaccination rate here is very low. First off, we had 8 months virtually Covid free so I feel most people weren’t in any rush to get the jab. Secondly, Oz put everything into Astra Zeneca. Since it’s causing blood clots and deaths no one is willing to take it…now they are scrambling to get hold of the Pfizer vaccine. It was a massive screw up but really who knew we would have issues with AZ?

      • Oh yeah. That AZ vaccine has caused a lot of problems. Canada had shipment issues at first too thanks to politics. In some ways, politics just gets in the way of everything! Hang in there!

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