Covid Vaccination / Lockdown 4.0

I read yesterday that Melbs was on day 160 of lockdown since the pandemic began, wow! We have not had it easy compared to the rest of Australia but as always we have been grateful for a government that actually takes the measures to enact such restrictions. I know our family is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe and most of my friends share this opinion.

Not everyone agrees:

Due to the rate of spread of this new outbreak, the government had just opened up our age group to be vaccinated. After a day of trying to phone for an appointment we decided to pop over to the walk-in vaccination site at Melbourne Showgrounds. We have a website that gives wait times for all of these facilities and the one closest to us also happened to be one with the shortest. It was a windy and cold day so we bundled up knowing we would be in for a couple of hours of wait time. I would say we stood about 90 minutes in a queue outside the building before we entered the queue inside. The indoor one was much shorter. By the time we made it to the check in, where our Medicare card and driver’s license information were taken, to being taken to a waiting area for a nurse to call you in, was another 45 minutes. It all moved along relatively quickly and we were out in 2.5 hours total. Easy!

Feeling good so far, a sore arm within 12 hours and a bit of a headache the next day.

14 thoughts on “Covid Vaccination / Lockdown 4.0

  1. Which one did you get? Is it one shot or two? I’m glad your safe. We still don’t know about variants. My mask is staying…

    • We got the Pfizer vaccine and so far just the first injection. They have been really slow to roll it out here and with our lack of Covid it’s been fine. Now with this new Indian variant outbreak, people are worried and keen to get vaccinated. Masks all around again. We were very lucky to have a 6 month break from it all.

      • I think there are fewer side effects with Pfizer. We got Moderna. It wasn’t bad. Some people had stronger reactions than others. Be safe my friend.

  2. I know what it’s like to live in an area where people don’t take it seriously. I feel bad for you. I am happy for you though that you got your first shot! Take care and stay safe 😊

    • I do think most people are supportive here but there will always be opposition. It’s just the way it is. It’s spreading so quickly here now – this Indian variant. It clearly is more contagious than previous strains by the expansive growth we are seeing. Scary.

      • Oh wow! Yeah, it being a double variant related to B117, it would spread fast. Take care!

      • Yes! They have one case here where one person spread it to a complete stranger in passing and the second person came down with symptoms within 2 hours, scary!

      • Whoa! That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard so far about the pandemic! I hope the vaccines are effective. I am getting conflicting messages on that

      • Agree. Fingers crossed. Someone here became infected with this new variant after having one dose of the vaccine previously. I’m not sure how she is doing – like is it less severe, etc.?

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