Werribee Gorge – Mother’s Day Hike

My tribe took me to Werribee Gorge for a 10k hike to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a very popular day hike in the Melbourne area that’s been on my list since we moved here in 2019. I’m not really sure why it’s taken us so long to get out there but I suspect 8 months of lockdown had something to do with it.

The start was an easy hour drive from Melbs (about 60km). Funnily named, Werribee Gorge is not actually in Werribee but near to the town of Bacchus Marsh and gets it name from the Werribee River that runs through it. We were told it was a grade 3 circuit walk and to expect 4-5 hours to complete. In the end it took us just under three hours but it definitely was a moderate walk. Between the cabled traverse across rock ledges to the scrambling over rock – it was not for unfit or unconfident walkers. I remember feeling gratitude for my last 6 months of rock climbing. My new strength, agility and balance all came in handy and made it really fun.

The only con to the hike was the poor signage. We got lost once as we followed another couple up a side track that was incorrect. I think they made the mistake of having lost the main trail. We circled back around and found the, hard to decipher, main track. Strangely, during all of this circling around we twice passed people we knew from our local climbing gym. We stopped to say hello and they shared with us their frustration about the lack of signs on the path and warned us not to go the wrong direction like they had – too late! Haha!

Despite the signage, there was not much to complain about when spending the day outside hiking in a glorious setting. The weather was unseasonably warm and the views spectacular. It was a great day out! Give me a good walk any day over flowers that wilt and die.

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