Conglomerate Gully Flora Reserve Hike In The Macedon Ranges, Victoria

My youngest had been away all weekend at a Girl Guides camp in the Macedon Ranges and we were due to pick her up Sunday in the late afternoon. A sunny (but brisk) autumn day, free from errands, presented itself so my son and I decided to make an afternoon out of collecting her. We found a short hike in a nearby village to get outside and stretch our legs. Conglomerate Gully is just under 3km and takes about an hour to hike. The loop trail is well signed with a nice undulating path. We read that there was good kangaroo and rosella sightings but sadly, it didn’t happen for us. We did enjoy our walk though and are looking forward to returning with our dog, Jack. It’s dog friendly and there was very low foot traffic (we only saw one other couple).

After our walk we had an hour to kill so we took the car on a dirt road up to Mt Charlie. It was a bit muddy from the rain causing some slip sliding of our car, which my son loved – me not so much. Haha! We did however spot a gorgeous crimson rosella. The red feathers against the grey/brown/green of the gum trees was striking.

Crimson rosella – photo from

Once we arrived at the campground we found a large crowd of families gathered outside engrossed in watching the hillside. A large herd of kangaroos were passing through the area causing a big commotion. You know, they are really just like a hopping version of deer and we’ve all seen them repeatedly but there’s something about wildlife that always brings about smiles and awe from people. They are lovely to watch.

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