Autumn in Melbourne

Today we went to our local IMAX theatre to watch the Great Barrier Reef movie with our homeschooling group followed by some park play time outside the Melbourne Museum. The movie was great – there was so much beauty to draw us in, some information about the bad stuff happening (coral bleaching and sea turtles eating plastic) to raise awareness and it highlighted many people doing wonderful things to help the ocean’s wildlife. It was a really enjoyable film.

Melbourne Museum

We received a recommendation from Miss C’s sewing class instructor for a local man who services machines in home. He was brilliant – so kind and helpful. We all learnt so much about threading the machine and keeping it working well with proper lubrication. In the end, he refused to take any money and insisted he was happy to inspire kids to sew. There are kind people everywhere.

I had a beautiful mom moment watching my children helping each other study. Love these times of peace and support.

Before school study sesh

Autumn leaves are out in Melbourne and they are so pretty. I don’t have incredible foliage pictures because I’m often driving by the truly gorgeous leaves and am not ready to photograph the moment. It is gorgeous here in Melbs right now though, there is so much colour!

Rogaining adventure – I’ve joined a local women’s outdoor group – enthusiasts looking to share advice and plan experiences together. I came across a women who had her team mate drop out of an upcoming rogaining race and volunteered to fill in. Rogaining – an Australian sport similar to orienteering…that is using navigation (the old fashioned way with map and compass) to locate check points in the forest. In orienteering, you follow the check points in a certain order and the duration could be anywhere from 1-3 hours. In rogaining, the shortest duration is 6 hours and the longest is 24 hours, you can hit each check point in any order you choose by looking at topographic maps and plotting the best course, each check point is worth a varying amount of points depending on distance and challenge to get there. We are signed up for the 6 hour event this coming weekend. So far, I’ve taken a number of online classes on reading contour lines on a map and using a compass. I had no idea northern hemisphere compasses (for the most part) do not work here in Oz…we did, however, just buy a shiny, new one that will work all over the world! Yippee! Looking forward to this weekend’s adventure and hopeful I will learn quickly how to navigate for myself.

A week ago, we hosted a climbing movement coach and a friend from Sydney at ours as well as organising a small climbing camp for advanced students. It was a long few days without much rest but also, very awesome. We all learnt so much (including us parents) and it was so good to spend so much time with humans outside of our tribe of five. I forgot what its like to share our home and our meals with others. As much as I had a massive social hangover by the end, it was a really good experience. I miss people. I was also reminded how much I like my quiet time without them. 😉

We went out for Stephen’s birthday – our first time out in the evening (sans kids) for maybe a year and a half? It was great to feel like an adult. We went to a hip vegan restaurant in St Kilda followed by a comedy show. The show was part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – I’m actually not sure how international it is at the moment with our Australian borders so locked down?

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