Birthdays On The Road

What better way to celebrate another year on this planet than a holiday away? That’s what we thought anyway, so we packed up the car, the cake and the dog and we set out to Alpine National Park, to the village of Dinner Plain.

This is our second time ordering a cake from Mille & B – they are fabulous! Mille & B specialise in multi-layered crepe cakes that are decadent and custom made to order. This time the birthday boy chose pandan and toasted coconut, our previous cake was hazelnut chocolate. Highly recommend trying a crepe cake if you haven’t already, they are superb!

3 thoughts on “Birthdays On The Road

  1. You have such a beautiful family. I take joy in your travels. You have made quite a life for yourselves. Thanks for sharing the beauty.❤

    • Thank you, Lorena. We are very grateful and try to live every moment to the fullest. I appreciate you too and staying connected. I think we both appreciate the little things.

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