Little Christmas / Epiphany

Growing up in Connecticut we would mark the end of the festive season by taking down the tree on the 6th of January or Little Christmas. There might be a small gift involved as well but it was really the end of the tree – the day all remnants of the holiday disappeared.

As an adult, my children have attended French/English bilingual schools which opened us up to the celebration of Epiphany – for us this mainly centred around the Galette des Rois tradition. My children love the slicing of this pastry in hopes they will be the lucky one to receive the feve (prize of ceramic trinket or dried bean). The person who receives it becomes the “king” or “queen” for the day. Of course, this is an awesome tradition for kids.

For the first time ever, we made our own. Actually, it was so simple that I can’t believe we hadn’t done it until now. Thanks to The Spruce Eats we made a gorgeous Galette with a little chick pea inside. My littlest was beyond delighted to score the little bean. Fun and easy cultural lesson ticked off for today.

While reading up on Epiphany and Little Christmas I was surprised to learn that Irish women celebrate by taking the day off while their men stay at home to care for the house. Women fill cafes and pubs or have afternoons off together somewhere. How has that not managed to reach the rest of the world? Great idea – we ladies should be spreading the word – that’s a new holiday tradition that I am down for.

2 thoughts on “Little Christmas / Epiphany

  1. I had a galette too this year! My local patisserie has them for the month of January. I like that Irish tradition. Plus, I am part Irish so I would love to revive that tradition!

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