Musings From Australia

Every year about this time it occurs to me that in Australia, April showers do not bring May flowers. September spring brings October flowers and green.

Spring in Oz – September 2020

A white Christmas – people who use this are referring to our perfect white sandy beaches, right?

“Do you reckon it’s going to be a hot summer?” “I reckon it will.” “What do you reckon?” Wasn’t the word reckon abandoned in the southern US about 50 years ago? Somehow it’s managed to be commonplace vernacular here in Oz. All day long people are reckoning about something.

Witch’s Hats. We have been here too long I think. As soon as the newscaster reported on roadworks and witch’s hats we knew immediately that they were referring to orange traffic cones. We had never heard the term before but somehow we knew. Hahaha! Oh Australia and your funny terms for things.

Bingle: a collision. While listening to the traffic news in the car I heard the reporter state that there was a bit of a bingle on the freeway causing traffic to pile up. Say what??

Local Politics seem so much more civilised than in the US. We just watched a snippet from the Queensland Premiere debate (basically the Queensland state Governor race) and the politicians (two women) were asked what they admired most about their running mate, wow!

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