COVID Free (At Least For Today)

For the first time in 4 months, the state of Victoria has announced 0 new cases and 0 deaths due to the corona virus. Wow! Lockdown works! It’s hard to watch the news and see the rest of the world struggle in such a big way, it’s mind boggling really. Hopefully, the sacrifices we have all made will let Australians continue to go about life as normal without a resurgence.

Let’s hope so – I saw them dismantling our local testing centre this morning. Either they are relocating or are very confident in a virus-free future.

While retail and hospitality industries are still closed, the schools have had a staggered launch back to in-person, full time learning over the last few weeks. Today marks the first day that all kids are back at school. Fingers crossed for success in finishing out the year.

3 thoughts on “COVID Free (At Least For Today)

  1. Glad the people of Victoria have figured Out how to handle Covid! So wish more Americans would get the message! So frustrating!!! Stay safe🧡🎃🧡

  2. Cogratulations! You are the smart ones. We’re still fighting about whether or not to wear masks. With “crazy” in the white house people are very confused and we continue to spike all over.

    • We currently have a 5 day streak of no new virus and no new deaths. 🤞🏻 Watching the election coverage today and it’s too stressful to handle. Sigh.

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