My Prankster

Each of us is so unique in our personality and demeanour. How is it that we come from the same parents and have many shared experiences but end up being so very different? It’s interesting to note. My three are so alike but then also have many distinctive traits all their own.

There is one in my house that’s always party planning, cooking, creating bath bombs and spa products, making up games and forcing the rest of us to play along 🙄, and always plotting to prank the others.

This morning I came back from a walk to find that this child had vomited multiple times and was laid up on the sofa recuperating. Immediately I was suspicious. I have this beautiful little being who has cried wolf one too many times. This cheeky little girl that builds inconspicuous contraptions to hide sweets in her room or at school, sneaks dead rats home from the playground in Tupperware and who perfectly draws huntsman spiders on the toilet paper roll to scare her mother half to death whilst trying to have a moment of peace in the loo.

Yeah, I didn’t believe the whole vomit escapade for a second. On closer examination of said vomit I discovered buckwheat, oats and food dye. So busted! I continue to play along with her as bro and sis haven’t caught on yet. She is in her glory feigning illness and receiving attention. Hahaha!

5 thoughts on “My Prankster

  1. Oh I remember the rat in the tupperware so well!! She wanted to study it, and she promised to be careful, because, you know, germs…
    Please give them all a hug from us. We miss you guys!!
    George & Joe

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