12 thoughts on “Every Vote Counts

    • Yes! I received mine last week….plenty of time to get it mailed in. Post from Australia is taking three to six weeks to arrive in the states. It’s so slow!

      • I believe so. I sent a birthday card to the US in August that is yet to arrive. I’ve ordered goods online from Amazon in the US and it seems to arrive here within 3 weeks.

      • Wow. I know part of it is covid, but part of it is the post office. I have saved up as much international mail as possible and then when I move to Canada, I will mail it!

      • It’s definitely Covid. Also, our post office is only delivering every other day now to limit spread of the virus so there are a lot of delays at the distributions centres. How much longer until your move?

      • The plan is to vote, then move. Hopefully, it works out! I do NOT want to be here on election night! 2016 was bad enough thank you! I’m also going on a social media hiatus that day, but if anything happens, I do want to know if my friends and family who I left behind are okay. I wish I could take everyone I love with me, but at least my Mom will be with me

      • Good luck to you on your move. I love that excitement entering a new country to live. ❤️ We have basically given up all social media except our blog. It’s harder to connect with everyone – people who prefer the convenience of the FB, but it’s ok. I feel much healthier.

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