Another Lockdown Birthday

My guy turned 12 today. Where does the time go? I will tell you – many sleepless nights turned into tired days, running all over town between school and activities, meals, household duties and voila, there goes a decade.

This is our family’s third COVID-19 isolation celebration. Low key, full of fun playing together, chatting with family on the phone and heaps of food. Somehow, the kids have decided they not only get to choose their cake of choice but also plan the meals for the entire day. Gone are the days of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting simplicity. Today we began with pancakes served with berries and crème fraîche. Lunch included a full Mexican taco spread and dinner was home-made pizza. The birthday boy chose a triple layer gingerbread cake with whipped maple mascarpone cream to top it off.

Phew! No wonder I’m a tired mama tonight. Zzzzz…

8 thoughts on “Another Lockdown Birthday

  1. The “lava lamp” almost defined the ’60’s. In 2003 during my final oral exit interview, we all sat in a circle and answered a question presented by one of the Deans. My question was about my notion of God– He/She, Pure Spirit, just an idea? My answer was, “God is like a lava lamp.” Think about that.

    • Excellent analogy. Are we the water that the spirit is always moving through? Or are we the lava, always changing, but held by the spirit? It makes me think of yin and yang principles. One bright, one dark, one light and one dense, always transforming, etc.

  2. That is one perspective. Very much along the everything is Chi and Chi is everything. I see the largest lava bubble as God and the smaller pieces as everything and everyone else. We die as we break away and and are reborn when we rejoin the largest lave bubble. Remember this is an analogy only.

    • Clever, I like it. I wonder what the deans thought? I was just pondering this while watching the lava lamp do it’s thing. It’s mesmerising. I like how the blob of lava ascends and then once it’s hit its peak it returns to the earth. It’s very grounding – something to meditate on. 😂❤️

  3. Beautiful!!! Looks like he loved the collage of Jack – super cute! What was the other gift bottom left? Looks artsy and fun…

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