We Bought A Farm

No, we didn’t buy a farm, God no. But apparently it’s the thing to do.

In the US one might strive for a beach house in the Hamptons. In England the rich leave London on the weekends for their “cottage” in the country. Here in Australia, once you’ve really “arrived” – you buy a farm.

Growing up in the US, the word farm brings to mind rural living and perhaps a life a bit more simple. I expect there are plenty of well-to-do people who own farms (or vineyards) that would be offended when I stereotype farmers as having less. Of course, I know that’s not an accurate account of farm life but it’s the image I think of. 

It also brings to mind an imaginary place the deceased animals of small children go, or so their parents tell them. In addition, I recall “going to the farm” being used as a way to describe jail time. Nothing that screams luxury or wealth.

Many families we have come to know here in Oz either have a farm in a rural area or their family does. Weekends and holidays beckon them to the country to gather with friends and relatives. Families enjoy walks,  mountain biking, horse riding or all terrain vehicles ripping through the mud before retiring to their home and enjoying local wines and rustic meals. The more time I have spent here I realise this is the thing to strive for, it’s cultural.

Over the last few years I have repeatedly read about celebrities buying themselves a farm in the bush. Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley (from The 100), married last year and left Los Angeles to find a farm in Victoria to call home when they were not acting. Russell Crowe has also left Hollywood behind to live permanently on his family’s 560 acre farm to be closer to his kids who live in Sydney. It’s a regular read in the gossip columns about what A-lister is living it up on their farm. 

Who knows, maybe if we spend enough time in Oz we too will long for a country retreat. This city girl is currently scoffing at such an idea. Enjoy your green pastures as I cherish my beloved concrete jungle. A farm is still a farm to me no matter which country I call home.

Olivia Newton John’s Farm

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