Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day in Oz. Why is it in September? I did a little searching around because I was curious and could only assume it was due to the weather being so glorious here in spring. What I found out was its date origin has to do with retail spending. Apparently, shopping fatigue is a thing – when too many holidays are close together. Problem solved when you throw in a special day for Dad in September away from everything else.

This makes me not want to buy into it – exactly how I feel about Valentine’s Day. “Holidays” created in order for us to spend money. I do, however, believe we should pay special tribute to our Dad’s who do so much for us every single day. We should do this on a regular basis and not because it’s a date on the calendar.

Anyway, hooray for my other half who makes my days brighter and easier. This year we celebrated with fresh pastries from a local bakery for brekkie, a 20k cycle ride through our neighbourhood, a few new shirts to replace some of the 15+ year old ones and a couple of cool new coffee mugs. A beautiful sunny day happily spent together. To more days like today!

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