Brain Injury

I think I must be having a stroke. Maybe it’s the lack of socialising or mental stimulation but something is clearly wrong. For the last week or so I’ve had nothing but 80’s tv show theme songs rattling around in my head. It all started with The Greatest American Hero. I loved that show when I was little – how cool to be able to fly like Superman! The show clearly made an impression on me as I know all the words to the song.

It was morning and I was singing at the dining table as we did our school work together. The kids were wondering what I was going on about so I googled the song and showed them some very outdated tv clips. Wow, it’s amazing how I remember it being such a cool show but it now seems so cheesy and old. Haha! It reminds me of how you remember people exactly the way they were even though time has passed for both of you.

We then came across a YouTube video quiz of Guess That 80’s TV Show Theme Song. And that is where it all went down hill. Since that morning I’ve bounced from The Facts of Life, to Family Ties, Growing Pains, The Dukes of Hazzard to Golden Girls – God, help me stop!

As I get older my memory seems to work less and less but somehow I’ve managed to store these dated jingles. Perhaps I need to find a way to empty my brain’s recycle bin, I would then have some more space for things that seem much more important – like what was my kid’s first word? I don’t know – let me look in their baby book where I journaled it so I wouldn’t forget.

5 thoughts on “Brain Injury

  1. You need some good BRITISH TV. I got hooked when we did our trip to England Scotland and Wales. Now I mostly watch BritBox, Acorn and Masterpiece theater. I’m embarrassed when I travel abroad and see the worst examples of American television.Stay safe.❤

  2. We’ve watched ALL OF VERA, Broadchurch, Midsommer Murders, The Bay, Dr. Blake, etc. etc. etc and a few documentaries. All good

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