Hello Stage 4 Lockdown

The government today declared the state of Victoria a disaster. Community transmission of Covid is out of control and untraceable. As a result, new lockdown rules announced at 3pm today come into effect at 6pm this evening. Gone are the days of giving people 48 hours warning before new rules come into play. We’ve been told to expect a heavy police presence and fines for breaking the new guidelines.

We will be allowed out of our house for 1 hour each day – family exercising together is ok but only one person can go to the market at a time. In addition, the entire city has a curfew from 8pm until 5am. Looks like we’ll be tucking in for 6 weeks of board games, movies and baking.


2 thoughts on “Hello Stage 4 Lockdown

  1. With thise restrictions it will be vastly decreased soon. We should be doing the but we have no national leadership and no enforcement. Thousands infected everyday, hundreds dying. God help us all. Be safe.❤

    • Yes, agree. I’m quite happy we are doing this and am grateful that our government is on top of it. There are plenty of people here calling him a dictator, ugh. I don’t get it.

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