Secret Hitler

I received the board game Secret Hitler as my Secret Santa gift for Christmas in July. I had never heard of the game before tonight but was intrigued by the name. We love having family board game nights in our home – it’s something we do regularly. Recent lockdown purchased favourites include Dominion and Tapestry, but I digress.

Secret Hitler can be played with a large group of people with some playing fascists, some liberals and one Hitler. Players rotate turns as the chancellor and president and while in that role each have special powers. The game is all about figuring out who Hitler is before he wins the game for himself. It involves a good poker face, outright lying and some strategy. It is good fun for everyone. The best part for my kids were the elections held each turn where all the players had to vote by declaring loudly “ja” or “nein”. It was very satisfying casting a vote and either electing or disqualifying the possible president. It was interesting to note that one person, who shall remain nameless, voted for himself for president but rejected every other person in every round. Hmpf! Jeez, some people are so competitive! 😉

I highly recommend this game for families as everyone enjoyed it and it kept their interest the entire time. That cannot be said for many longer, more involved games. Plus, as a bonus, we laughed literally the entire time.


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