Musical Storytelling

This morning I came downstairs to find my kids listening to an 18-minute song for the thousandth time. They absolutely adore Alice’s Restaurant. We’ve listened to the original 1967 release of the Arlo Guthrie classic as a family since my three were little. At first, it was the fun guitar and catchy chorus that drew them in. Over time, we discussed his story and what the “draft” meant. I think as American ex-pats living abroad they like to find ways to feel connected to their American roots whether it’s through television, language or in this case a classic American song. Whenever they have an Aussie friend in the car they insist we play them the song and we all sing along. Their friends laugh at Arlo’s insane story and humour and we stop occasionally to explain what’s going on. After all, it’s dated and its language and sarcasm are very 1960’s Americana.

I love that they love it so much. I love that something I grew up enjoying is still welcomed by their generation. Comedic storytelling through music is a fabulous way for kids to enjoy learning, and of course, to share a laugh together.

2 thoughts on “Musical Storytelling

  1. It’ll be shocking, I know, to learn that I never heard the whole thing until today. I loved it. Thank you for bringing it to me arrention. I was such a workaholic in the 60’s that I practically missed the whole decade. ❤

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