Messy Chef

We’ve been watching the new series “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook” on Netflix this week. I love Amy and I find the banter between her and her husband, Chris, funny and authentic. The basic idea is Chris – a professional chef, teaches Amy how to make delicious, healthy and easy meals. The show really highlights the enjoyment of cooking and sharing food with friends and family. Their kitchen is messy and looks very similar to any “normal” household kitchen. They emphasise the ease of creating quality dishes and not the presentation. Often mixing up ingredients literally by hand, the food is rustic and mouth watering without being pretentious.

This got me thinking about how much I love cooking but have always disliked preparing food for others. My own skills in the kitchen are good but the presentation is sometimes lacking. To me, the flavour is the most important part. I literally don’t care about presentation but I have always been self conscious about how others might judge. This show makes me question years of self doubt. I love their busy kitchen which shouts “family” and “eating for health and pleasure”. I am feeling more inspired to create and to embrace the beautiful messiness of my dishes. Thank you, Amy and Chris!

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