School Holiday Extended

Horny security guards “working” quarantine hotels, a reopening of the country, large family gatherings and now our COVID-19 cases have gone from single digits to double every day for two weeks to now tripling. Our postcode was one of the first in lockdown and now all of Melbourne. Every state in Australia has closed their borders to Victoria (understandably) and yet there has still been talk of the kids returning to school next week. Needless to say, I’ve been worried. I’m really tired of hearing that the kids fair better than the elderly and adults. Children can also become unwell and in addition they can bring it home to their family.

The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, just announced today that Victoria will extend our current winter school holiday for one more week. I am so grateful. It’s only one week – it should be longer – but for now I can relax that we are all home safely together. Fuck this year and this virus.

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