(Celebrating?) The 4th of July

I literally cannot remember a time we ever felt a patriotic need to participate in an American Independence Day. I suppose most people have a BBQ in the name of partying versus really embracing the meaning of the day. When discussing this last night on the eve of the holiday one us distinctly remembered one ex-pat picnic whilst in London but I’m not convinced we did indeed take part. I do, however, remember the ridiculous outfits we wore to support the US rugby team when in the World Cup in London – probably my only patriotic moment, EVER!


Dressed for the Rugby World Cup in London 2015 – USA vs Japan

This last year I have felt determined to put a bit more effort into holidays for my kids. I want them to remember some celebration and tradition. It got me questioning what I can teach them about Independence Day, how it is celebrated at home and how we could make it a success here on the other side of the globe as a group of ex-pats who don’t really identify with the USA as home.

Aside from an afternoon party with friends and watching fireworks at night what else is the 4th all about? With no friends nearby and everyone in Corona lockdown we would have to improvise. We started with watching Hamilton on Disney+. It was a good history lesson for all of us which ended with us digging a little deeper into Hamilton’s family tree online afterward.

Aldi imported a bunch of (junk) food from the US ahead of the weekend so we stocked up on long forgotten treats to let the kids try. Pop Tarts, Junior Mints, Butterfingers to name a few. We started with chocolate Pop Tarts for brekkie which were a huge hit.


I printed “4th of July” word searches and worksheets on Independence Day from Twinkl – an online education resource website. I know, homework, but they like the themed handouts and it reinforced what we learnt while watching the movie the night before.

I created a fancy dress competition with a $5 prize for the best and most creative red, white and blue outfit. Apparently, my who-gives-a-shit-attitude for being a holiday joiner, has rubbed off as only 2 out of 5 people participated in it. LOL


We built a bonfire and toasted marshmallows and made s’mores after devouring a bowl of nachos. Yes, I think we have the American food thing down pat for the day. We just need to actually BBQ something. Dropped the ball there as everyone was craving some warm and spicy Bhutanese Kewa Dhatsi. I was questioned by Miss 10 – “Is this American?” “No, it is not – it is much, much better!” Oh well, I did try.

Happy 4th of July – wherever you are and however you choose to celebrate it!

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