Hermits – Exploring Nearby

Wow, my people are such homebodies. I always thought it was because we were so over scheduled that when the weekend or holidays rolled around everyone just wanted to stay put. Now that we’ve been home for months I am still finding it so difficult to talk anyone into leaving the house. I get a lot of “no, I don’t want to go – Can’t you just leave me here?” BS. It’s a constant struggle to persuade them (drag them) out but once everyone is out it’s all forgotten. Why must we go through the same boring process? I am flip flopping between not bothering and then insisting we actually go out and have fun.

Last week we went on two new walks near to our place. One, Newport Lakes Park, was a really great nature reserve tucked away behind suburban city streets. It felt like a bit of the countryside 15 minutes from home. An easy place to walk with the kids thanks to skipping stones across the centre of the lake and bush-like trails adorned by mosaic art.

The second walk, at Stony Creek, allowed us a chance to stroll under the West Gate Bridge (Spans the Yarra River) at sunset. We had the added bonus of a recent rain shower and stunning rainbows as a result. Although it was an urban walk we encountered only a few other people. We did manage to see a few bunnies hopping about – one of which had a massive tumour growing out of its side the size of a grapefruit. Poor thing!

Thanks to Grandma, we were able to map out Melbourne past and present in a cool 4D puzzle – thank you! We’ve been noting the streets nearby as we are driving, remembering that we’ve just put that together in our puzzle.

To my surprise, a puzzle I ordered online two months ago (that I had written off as I didn’t actually complete the order) arrived in the post, the box looking a bit mangled, but 999 pieces accounted for. It was a fun collage of animated travel must do’s.


Fingers crossed our next week involves more outdoor time and less seclusion. 🤞🏻

2 thoughts on “Hermits – Exploring Nearby

  1. Really cool walks! It is difficult to break the inertia but way to out-stubborn them. It’s so annoying but they will love you for it later if they don’t already. Beautiful pics and a cool puzzle!

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