Lockdown Culture Trip – Week 9



Ah, paradise. That amazing water and uncluttered white sand beaches. Would so love to be there right now, instead we are there in spirit. Today we made banana fritters to celebrate this tiny island nation in the Indian Ocean.

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Tonight we made Cranachan ice cream. The cream was sweetened with brown sugar and spices (cinnamon and ginger), add a raspberry purée and a granola of oats and crumbled nuts. So, so good! It was a remake of the cranachan deliciousness we enjoyed from a Stoats porridge food truck in Edinburgh in 2007. We later returned to Glasgow with the kids in 2015 as Scotland was on high on James’s list of places to visit. The kids said that this was the best ice cream flavour we have ever whipped up. Score 1 for the parents.


Tonight we made Locro de Papa (potato and cheese soup). Due to a self-made D and D type game by Miss C, my trivia whiteboard was in use and we had to leave the Ecuadorian trivia to discussion alone. We learnt that Ecuador had a female president for two days only; that the Panama hat is really from Ecuador and not Panama; and that Ecuador is closer to space than Mount Everest. Yeah knowledge!


This afternoon we made Bakso Noodle Soup (ramen with bok choy and tofu), a commonly eaten street food. Happy faces delighting in our noodles and out Timor trivia. Sunday – fun day!


Is it true, Russian friends, kids are taught not to smile in school? It cant be? Tonight we made Russian Tea Cakes – it feels like Christmas. Mentally, I feel like it should be with the cooler weather and shorter days, but no. It’s just the trick the Southern Hemisphere plays on us peeps from the north.


This mountain kingdom measures the happiness of their people, has free education and healthcare and prioritises the environment. The cost to visit is not cheap but I understand that the fees benefit the country. Today we made Kewa Datsi (a traditional meal similar to scalloped potatoes plus add heaps of garlic and chillies). I was told it was so amazing that “it would be picked up and eaten off of the floor.” That sounds like a winner in my book. Will be revisiting this recipe again.

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