Lockdown Culture Trip – Week 8


We loved the mountains and fresh air while camping in Andorra la Vella in 2013. It was such a refreshing change from the heat and humidity we had left behind in Barcelona. Today for lunch we made a cream of mint and pea soup served with homemade potato chips, yum!


Today we made Burokeliu Sriuba (beet soup) and served it with Kepta Duona (rye bread fried in olive oil and garlic, served with mayo or cheese). We spent Xmas in Vilnius in 2015. It was cold and Miss C had a terrible ear infection. We carried on (after a visit to the fancy western hospital) and had a brilliant time walking the streets and shopping for our Secret Santa gifts. The pizza restaurant with a hot tub at the table was a bit odd, but ok – the fun things you find whilst travelling!


This morning we made Osyne Gnizdo (wasp nest buns) – like a cinnamon roll with no cinnamon. We visited the NW corner of Ukraine in 2015 and the strongest memory is the lengthy border crossings (5 to get in and 11 to get out), then a close second was dinner at a local petrol station. It was not the brightest idea to pass through in hindsight but as a result it was a memorable experience. One that toughens up a traveler and enlightens us on the importance of going with the flow and having patience. The ladies who hosted us had little English but were so kind. Their warmth and eagerness to communicate made it very special.

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Tonight we made Käsknöpfle (a traditional cheese pasta similar to German spaetzle). We attempted to pass through Liechtenstein in 2004 but somehow missed the turn off. It’s only 62 square miles so perhaps the sign wasn’t large enough to catch our eye? Shocked to find out that Airbnb had a deal to rent out the country for the night (for a cool $70k) and no one actually did it?!


Today we made a simple cucumber salad (with paprika, of course) or Uborka Salata. The kids were very put off that children’s names could only be selected off of a government pre-approved list. Freedom, even for something like naming your children, is important. We were last in Budapest in 2004, perhaps time for another visit?

Sint Maarten

A stroll down memory lane tonight regaling the kids with stories from our 2004 trip to this tiny island. Forgotten documents, a flat tire, rain and traffic and as a result a missed flight home. An extra day in paradise isn’t too shabby! Tonight we made “chicken lokri”, sans chicken – we used tofu instead. We served it with delicious fried plantains – so good!


We have never been but the “Stans” are definitely on my list. We were shocked to learn that a unibrow is considered so attractive that women born without one are thought to be unfortunate. They must “paint” their flawed eyebrows to attain beauty. Tonight we made a homemade cheese called Qurotob and served it over Fatir (buttery, flaky bread) with salad and fried onions. Double helpings all around equal kid-friendly culinary success!

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