Lockdown Culture Trip – Week 5


Oh Israel, I cannot wait to travel again and visit your beautiful country and dine on your fabulous food. A last minute meal thrown together tonight was perfect for and autumn night. We were impressed with all of the Israeli trivia we dug up. Many bright minds doing amazing work.


Tonight we made Biezpiena Cepumi (cottage cheese cookies). It felt very much like prepping for Christmas by baking together. A very appropriate dish thinking about our Xmas visit to Riga in 2015. Riga’s claim to fame is it was the first city to decorate a Christmas tree. We fell in love with Riga immediately. Picturesque architecture, quaint cobbled streets, very fresh, modern food scene plus the fantastic holiday spirit that engulfs the entire city.


One of my favourite places on Earth. Some day I will live there. Tonight we made a cheese fondue with all the fixings – it was so good! Remembering our trip in 2003/2004 visiting Zurich, Interlaken and Lucerne. It was the holiday when Stephen and I first met. We drove through again while on our car camping holiday with the kids in 2013.


Since tomorrow is Anzac Day it seemed only natural to make Anzac biscuits to celebrate Australia. Miss C is also working on her Anzac Day badge for Girl Guides – so two birds, one stone.


An Indian Ocean island paradise. Over our yummy Mauritian curry tonight we remembered how sweet the pineapple was, laughed about all the fun we had with our friends – from trapeze, to non-stop swimming and play to being bitten by an ostrich. I picked up the recipe for our curry from a vendor at the Port Louis spice market (in 2014) and had never made it until tonight. It was so yum. Heavy on fennel, cinnamon, clove and coconut – so good!

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I attempted a Sacher Torte from Hotel Sacher’s website. It was so delicious but far from perfect. The chocolate glaze was tricky but I know exactly how to fix it for next time. No wonder people visit the hotel and pay for a professional to make it. We love Austria but haven’t been since 2004. The New Year’s Eve street party is highly recommended – we’ve been twice!


Tonight we made Saltah – a traditional Yemeni stew (potato and tomato based) and served it with two condiments  called Hulbuh (fenugreek) and Zhug (like a coriander salsa). It was so flavourful and wonderful! We all agree the best part of our cuisine and country exploration is all the new foods we are sampling. We would love to see the mud brick “skyscrapers” in Shibam.

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