Culture Trip whilst in Lockdown – Week 1

We have been at our home in Melbourne now for a month during the Covid-19 lockdown. I’m happy we are all together, that we have a roof over our head, we are healthy, and financially stable – we are lucky.

My daughter had a wonderful idea one night, to stage a Hawaiian themed dinner, and we all got on board with it. We all like to take fun ideas and run with it so out came the Hawaiian shirts and leis. What started as a fun way to pass the evening has evolved into elaborate meals and trivia each day to enjoy learning about a new culture. We love to travel but since we can’t right now we are bringing exciting destinations home with us.


Our last visit to Hawaii was in 2007 – only one child in tow. Wow, a lot has changed!

Us at the Kea Lani in Maui

Maui 2007


We have been to France many times while living in the UK. We are able to reflect on so many memorable experiences during our travels and with dear friends.


Paris 2014


We have visited Italy several times and it never disappoints. Wonderful food, beautiful people, history and architecture around every corner.


Venice 2013


We lived in London for almost 6 years, it feels like home. It’s hard to sum up the UK in a meal but scones and tea feel very British so a garden tea party it is.


London 2014


We visited China in 2017 traveling to Shanghai and Beijing. We loved it and were so surprised about how delicious the food was. It was not the American Chinese experience we were used to. The cities were clean and cosmopolitan, it’s a great place to travel with children.


Our family spent a couple of weeks in India in 2015 traveling to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It was one of our favourite holidays. The amazing food, the kind people and the history – a perfect vacation experience, jam packed with culture.


After having posted these daily celebrations to FaceBook and Instagram I felt the need to record it for myself on our blog. I will aim to do a weekly recap here so we can share our love of travel with others. Stay healthy and inspired!

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