A Year of Yes, Week 16 – Seedlip Gin Tasting

I booked a ticket earlier this week to the Seedlip gin tasting event in the city today. A trip to Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD on this very muggy summer’s day to sample a refreshing, herbal, non-alcoholic gin.

Waiting 30 minutes for a bus isn’t cool, I don’t care how cheap it is. 15 people staring longingly willing the bus to appear isn’t making it happen. It’s like watching a pot waiting for it to boil. With nothing more to do but wait I spend my time reading up on the Seedlip story.

An excerpt from their website:

“Over three hundred years ago, it was common for physicians to distil herbal remedies using copper stills, harnessing the power of nature & alchemy to solve medical maladies. In 1651, one such physician, John French, published The Art of Distillation documenting these non-alcoholic recipes. At that same time, a family in Lincolnshire had started farming, hand sowing seeds using baskets called ‘seedlips’.

Centuries later, Ben stumbled across John French’s recipes & began experimenting with them in his kitchen, using a small copper still & herbs from his garden. That might have been the end of the story, if he hadn’t been given a sickly sweet pink mocktail one Monday evening in a restaurant. The result was the beginning of an idea to combine his farming heritage, love of nature, his copper still & forgotten recipes with the need for proper non-alcoholic options; a name inspired by the seed baskets carried by his family centuries before & a process of Seed to Lip: and so Seedlip was born.”

I think they make a fabulous gin and it’s perfect for people who do not drink or are the designated driver but still want to participate in the social act of drinking. Gone are the days of sickly sweet mocktails that only children would want to drink. Welcome the new dawn of a grown up non-alcoholic bevvie distilled with medicinal herbs creating a light and refreshing cocktail.

I easily find the shop, Sorry Thanks I Love You, in Martin Place who are playing host to the gin tasting today. As I have a wander around I cannot find the Seedlip guys. I ask one of the shop clerks only to find out it’s been cancelled this morning. Apparently the Seedlip staff member is unwell and cancelled last minute. This was bound to happen to me at some point after embarking on my goal of a new outing each week. Almost four months in now, I’ve been very lucky today is my first botched event.

The shop keeper informs me that they often do a gin tasting every Friday at the David Jones food hall so I make my way there hoping to find the company making a heat busting afternoon cooler as I’m melting in the humidity.

IMG_0622I pop into David Jones and immediately find the table set up displaying the three artisan bottles but no one servicing it. I ask one of the nearby staff members and am sad to find out they stopped offering tastings last month. Sigh. All is not lost as I purchase a bottle of their newest citrus infusion that combines mandarin, lemongrass and ginger. Finally, I forecast a thirst-quenching drink before my day is through.

I probably won’t make it back to the city before the holidays so am grateful to have a quick look see at the festive accoutrements gracing the very busy streets. Expressing one last bit of gratitude that the kids are not here with me amongst the chaos of Xmas shopping and a busy work day. In addition, to yet another 30-minute delay waiting for the bus home on our decreased service line. I think I’ll just pop back home and put my feet up and finally bid farewell to this cursed outing.

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