A Year of Yes, Week 6: Gut Health and Master Fermentation Class

20180926_021505277_iOSMy heart swells with gratitude and love for the other humans I’ve encountered since I set out on this “year of yes” journey. In some strange way it’s as if I’m surprised each week by the wonderful people I meet. As if I’ve been living underground as a hermit not realising so much kindness is on offer.

A special relationship or bond exists between people when information is shared. It’s very different to the exchange of niceties when crossing paths with a neighbour or acquaintance which feels pleasant in the moment but is superficial at the core. Sharing time and space, helping one another, and growing together is deeper.

I can’t help but ponder this while taking this week’s workshop on gut health and fermentation. Digestion and gut issues are topics I’m all too familiar with as I find this the centre of my daily existence. There is much I know already as the two teachers, Amal and Ronya, cover anatomy, physiology and pathology. I find the beauty in today’s course lies within these two ladies sharing their personal journey with our intimate group of 10 women. They are fountains of information and my handout quickly becomes covered in scribble as I hope to remember it all when I revisit it later. I immediately feel as if we’ve known each other for years as our stories have so many similarities.


These two warm, intelligent women whom I never would have met if I hadn’t scoured Eventbrite for something new to learn. In all honesty, I almost didn’t attend the class when I realised I hadn’t read the fine print when booking it. After I registered I noticed the course was available to “women only” at an academy whose purpose was to empower Muslim women. Immediately I was embarrassed I had been so hasty in my reading and scheduling. I emailed the school at once to apologise that I had registered and was not Muslim and did not want to offend anyone. I vowed to read each course description thoroughly form here on out.

It took them a week to respond and they invited to attend the workshop with open arms and said they looked forward to seeing me in class. I gushed with happiness for their openness towards me.

Whilst I sit in class reflecting on all of this I feel pretty foolish for even thinking that I wouldn’t belong. I feel completely welcomed by my teachers and my classmates who don’t give my background a second glance. I can honestly see myself with two new friends who share a similar passion to mine in health and natural medicine, raising children and the value in sharing these ideas with others.


The instructors used quotes from Islamic scripture at various points through the course.  But in a way that inspired and drove home the point rather than with some sort of religious zeal.  I appreciated this one quote from The Prophet in particular: “There are two gifts which many are unmindful about, good health and leisure.”

We only have one life so do your best to feed your body with healthy foods to nurture it and make sure you spend your time wisely in good company and with much love and laughter.

I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the Life Matters Academy in Bankstown. My gut health course was a fraction of the price of similar courses in central Sydney and the instruction was top notch.


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